Thursday, October 31, 2013

Prehistoric Conflict in the Shadows on the Trail Quadrilogy!

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       Shadows on the Trail is loaded with conflict; beast against beast, man against beast, man

against  man, and man against his own fate. Conflict was not uncommon in the prehistoric world, just

search the Internet with the words prehistoric conflict or prehistoric murder and there are literally

hundreds of links describing all kinds of prehistoric conflict, going all the way back to humans killing

Neanderthals. When it comes to human conflict, the weapon systems may have changed through

history but human nature hasn't.

The Weapon Tips of Choice. In Shadows on the Trial,
the Folsom People used the top projectile point type for their spear tips
while the Mountain People used the projectile point at the bottom.
Both spear tips are equally lethal to man and beast! 

         The below passage from Shadows on the Trail  demonstrates one particular man against man

conflict in a prehistoric world that is large enough for both groups of humans to live in harmony, but

too small for them to avoid conflict with each other. For those of you who have not read Shadows on

the Trail, I am not going to disclose too much information about this conflict. I will tell you that Ei

Hanit was the leader of a warring group of people called the Mountain People. Here, the Mountain

People were battling two other tribes in the close confines of the haunted Spirit Rock Canyon.

Ei Hanit ended the warriors’ chaos with his booming voice, screaming out orders to the warriors. Ei Hanit, a spear in one of his hands and a massive war club in the other, rallied his warriors back up the canyon, away from the rock wall. The warriors jumped over and crawled through the downed pine trees, heaving spears at the hunters. Now organized, the warriors methodically moved up the canyon, launching spear after spear at the outnumbered hunters. The hunters’ ambush had temporarily surprised the large force of warriors, but the tide of the battle had now turned in the warriors’ favor. Spears flew at the hunters from every direction as they hid behind boulders and trees.
            “KILL THEM ALL!” Ei Hanit roared above the sound of Chindi.
            The warriors had made enough progress up the canyon that soon they would overrun the position of the hunters. Ei Hanit smelled victory and screamed at his warriors, rallying them to push forward and launch more spears. The warriors advanced up the canyon, killing hunters when they found them. Avonaco, Hexaka, and seven hunters were still alive and retreating up the canyon, while Ei Hanit and his thirty warriors screamed and chased the surviving hunters. The battle was now a rout, but Ei Hanit would not be satisfied without the complete annihilation of the hunters. It was only a matter of time before the warriors caught up to the hunters and killed them. When Ei Hanit realized the hunters were doomed, he shouted to his warriors, “I WANT THEM ALIVE!” Ei Hanit planned on an entertaining, but sadistic death for the remaining hunters.
           I won't tell you how this battle ends, but I will guarantee that you will be surprised by the outcome. You will just have to read Shadows on the Trail to find out how it actually ends. 

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