Friday, October 28, 2016

Dumpster Tang Knife and the SHADOWS ON THE TRAIL

Figure One - 2.7 inch long corner tang knife from Colorado
My prehistoric book series called the SHADOWS ON THE TRAIL TRILOGY was inspired to me when I found a prehistoric artifact. The story below was inspired by an artifact as well, but I don't see a book series or trilogy coming out of it. ;).  
I dubbed the 2.7 inch long corner tang knife from Colorado in the photograph above the “Dumpster Tang Knife”. Here is the story behind the name.
This summer, I took this magnificent corner tang knife out of its frame and wrapped it carefully in bubble wrap. I placed the bubble wrap and artifact in the top drawer of my desk, where it would be safe. The next morning I was planning to take some pictures of the corner tang knife before I went to training for wildland firefighting. Morning came and I looked inside every drawer of the desk, but I could not locate the bubble wrapped corner tang knife. I decided that I would do a more complete search when I got back from my training. I loaded up the garbage to take to the dumpster and then headed to my training.

During the training, my thoughts never left the corner tang knife. I rushed home afterwards and scoured all of the spots the corner tang knife might be hid. My search came up empty. My wife Theresa had one of her girlfriends visiting so I asked Theresa if she had seen the bubble wrap in the top of the desk. “Oh,” she said, “I might have thrown that bubble wrap out.”

Figure Two - 2.7 inch long corner tang knife from Colorado
Panic set in. I had just taken the garbage to the dumpster a couple of miles away that morning. I got in my vehicle and raced to the dumpster. It was Saturday so the dumpster was full. I dug around in the summer heat and found what I thought was our garbage bags. I reloaded the garbage bags into my vehicle and drove them back to the house where I went through the garbage in our garage. I had a real fun time. I did not find the bubble wrap or the artifact. I took the molested garbage back to the dumpster and jumped in the metal container. I was going to make sure I had not missed any of our bags.  
After an hour or so search through the garbage in the dumpster, I went back to the house and sat down for lunch with Theresa and her guest, but I could not get my mind off that corner tang knife. It was one of my favorites. I excused myself from lunch, telling my wife and guest that I was going back to the dumpster. There, I dug through the garbage once again, looking for that artifact. I did not find the artifact, but lo and behold, I found the bubble wrap that had protected the artifact. “Oh no,” I exclaimed, “the artifact is loose in the garbage!”

By now, there was garbage strewn all over the dumpster. I had created garbage chaos in that dumpster. I needed a plan. There were two dumpsters sitting there, so I decided to move everyone else’s garbage to the other dumpster so all I had to look through was our garbage. After removing most of everyone else’s garbage, I was standing near the bottom of the dumpster, my feet planted in someone’s very used cat litter, Flies and other assorted garbage-feasting bugs swarmed my air space. My gag reflex had finally gone on hiatus. I methodically went through each bag of our garbage. Then, I found a bag that I had not seen before, that I had not inspected in the garage. I opened the bag and poured the garbage onto the cat litter on the bottom of the dumpster. Out popped the corner tang knife. I stared at it. I was not sure if it were real or just another artifact sitting in situ in cat litter. That is why I call this artifact the “Dumpster Tang Knife”.  

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