Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Prehistoric Man in Brazil Over 30,000 Years Ago?

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In my novel Shadows on the Trail, the Folsom People lived from 10,900 to 10,200 years ago in North America. Based
on current archaeological evidence, the earliest people in North America came around 15,000 years ago. Now, new archaeological evidence is proposing a 30,000 year old date for prehistoric humans in Brazil, based on cave drawings and artifacts found near a fire hearth. That is quite a leap backwards from what has been proposed in the past. 

I would expect a lot of pushback from other archaeologists on this evidence for humans in Brazil over 30,000 years ago. No matter what, it will be fun to watch the evidence go through its due diligence.

I hope you enjoy the article and Shadows on the Trail.      

Prehistoric Man in Brazil 30,000 Years Ago