Thursday, October 24, 2013

Shadows on the Trail Trilogy and the Mysterious Folsom People.

Shadows on the Trail - the first book in
a trilogy about the mysterious Folsom People.

Shadows on the Trail is the first novel in a trilogy about the mysterious people called Folsom who roamed North America from about 10,900 to 10,200 years ago. These people did not leave behind any written words or DNA or anything that could tell us more about them as people. The only real evidence that we have of the Folsom People lifestyles are their campsites, kill sites, and their artifacts, including the remarkably well made fluted projectile points that ultimately became the hallmark of their culture.

A Fluted Folsom projectile point,
a surface find from Middle Park,


The link below takes you to a documentary video about the mysterious Folsom People. New Mexico PBS produced this video about the Folsom People with guest Dr. Bruce B. Huckell, an Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology  at the University of New Mexico. The documentary is factual and interesting, but nothing like the high drama action found in my book  Shadows on the Trail, but the documentary is based on scientific facts and hypothesis, based on archaeological evidence.  

I hope you enjoy the short documentary and I really hope you enjoy my book Shadows on the Trail, the first book in the trilogy about the Folsom People. Follow the Author and Shadows on the Trail on facebook at Shadows on the Trail by John Bradford Branney. 

Now, please click the link below for the documentary:

  The Mysterious Folsom People (Click Link)

Ghosts of the Heart, the second book
in the Trilogy.

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Winds of Eden, the third book
in the Trilogy.