Monday, December 9, 2013

New Novel from Author John Bradford Branney Portrays a Violent Prehistoric America!

Ghosts of the Heart available in paperback and e book from better booksellers. 
Readers have anxiously awaited the second novel in the Shadows on the Trail Trilogy and Mirador Publishing and John Bradford Branney have just released it! Ghosts of the Heart picks up where the original novel Shadows on the Trail left off, the ongoing adventure of the Folsom People, a prehistoric tribe of hunter-gatherers. The Folsom People’s journey to the idyllic North Country continues as they make their way across the dangerous prairies and mountains of prehistoric Colorado.
Ghosts of the Heart is well researched and a fast-paced read that accurately depicts clues from the archaeological record and oral traditions practiced by early Americans. The characters in Ghosts of the Heart face extreme climatic changes and natural catastrophic events that create a rapidly changing world for them. In the book, readers will witness complicated alliances and relationships between three culturally different prehistoric tribes. Another treat by the author is utilizing three actual indigenous languages and lineages to differentiate between the three prehistoric tribes.

The reader also receives a front row glimpse into the perceptions that prehistoric people may have had with natural disasters, such as wildfires, tornadoes, snow blizzards, and flash floods. The emotionally exciting, fear invoking descriptions of these natural phenomena provides insight into the fears and frustrations these prehistoric peoples faced with forces completely out of their control and for which they had no explanation or understanding.

Ghosts of the Heart laces its often violent and hostile subject matter with humour and ‘heart’, a description borrowed from the title of the book and demonstrated throughout the pages of the book. The reader will find it easy to identify with the characters in this novel. After reading Ghosts of the Heart, readers will anxiously await the third novel of the trilogy, the true mark of a successful series.

John Bradford Branney was born and raised in Wyoming and has been searching for evidence of prehistoric man for most of his life. He has assembled a collection of several thousand prehistoric artifacts dating back to around 13,000 years ago in the Pleistocene Epoch. The author holds a geology degree and MBA from the University of Wyoming and the University of Colorado, respectively. John currently lives in Houston Texas with his wife, Theresa. Ghosts of the Heart is the third published book for Branney.

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